Motorsport rear Spoiler

Hello, Is it possible to mount easily -on Exige- an original Motorsport rear spoiler? Where to find it and at which price? My Exige on:

I asked Lotus Sport about this. If you replace the rear, you should replace the front. In addition, I was told that you should change the suspension to match the motorsport car if you plan on tracking the car. That areo package is make for the motorsport setup and will not work well with the standard Exige setup…FYI.Roy

The answer to change the back and so front spoiler at the same time, is indeed rather logical. But can we also mount the front spoiler without problem? On the other hand, it was said to me that it is necessary to use a special fitting kit to mount this spoiler, because the Motorsport is fixed on the frame contrary at that of our Exige, fixed on the body. I will change the suspension quickly, therefore not problem for the setup! Somebody already mount on his Exige a rear Motorsport engine cover panel? JOP See:

Im just about to take delivery of a motorsport engine cover…however fitting might prove interesting as I understand they have quick release clips so security might be a problem! However I’m waiting to hear from a friend at Lotus who seems to think the cover can be adapted, will keep you posted.

Hi folks! Firstly, Roy’s right, you shouldn’t use the motorsport rear wing without the motorsport front splitter as doing so would seriously upset the balance of the car. In addition, the motorsport front splitter is way too low for use on a public road (I have one) and so is only an option if you are only going to use you car on circuits and intend trailering it there. The motorsport rear wing mounts pass straight through holes in the rear clam and mounts on chassis members that don’t exist on the Exige, so major surgery is needed to fit one of these. Finally John, the motorsport rear cover is quick release and mounts on three quick release pins. Again, you need to modify the cover or add mounting brackets to the Exige to accommodate it. Phew! Hope this helps clarify the situation… [image][/image]

I have a motorsport rear wing fitted to my Elise. It’s working wery good. Maybe a bit understeering in fast corners. I schould do a test without it, to test the difference of not having it there, just think if its faster without the wing… [image][/image] [image][/image] [image][/image] [This message has been edited by Jeppe (edited 14 May 2002).]

I had sent enquiries to Dave Wilson regarding stiffer springs for my Exige, and he brought up the subject of Motorsport Splitter & Spoiler. Funny, but Dave said it’s an easy mount. All the parts & pricing info is pasted at the end of this message.So JOP, if you decide to do this, besure to upgrade the springs & dampers to take full advantage. After all, you should get a lot better handling in exchange for the downgrade in appearance (in the States, many “homeboys” mount carbon fibre spoilers to their Integra Type R’s - I bet they’ve never been to a track before! :-0)The Motorsport Splitter will set you back �235.96, you will also need theundertray and connecting panel which are �52.25 and �32.50 respectively. Iwould not recommend using the front splitter on its own, it will probablymess up the handling, we have never tested the combination of MotorsportSplitter and Exige rear wing so cannot be certain. The performance you wouldgain from the complete aero kit and dampers would be very substantial. It isalso very easy fit.(if you want me to send you this in Microsoft Word, just email me)Rear Wing Kit-------------Description-Part no.-QtyRear Wing Assy-ALS1U0004F-1 Mounting Brkt-ALS1U0008K-2 Mounting Brkt-ALS1U0007K-2 Mounting Brkt-ALS1U0006K-2 Mounting Brkt-ALS1U0002F-2 Mounting Brkt-ALS1U0009K-1 Mounting Brkt-ALS1U0010K-1 Total Retail 976.78Total Dealer 775.73Front Splitter-ALS1B0044K-1 Undertray-ALS1A0010K-1 Infill Panel-ALS1A0011K-1 Total Retail 320.71Total Dealer 231.35