Motorsport Mk2 Exige

Pics of car at Geneva Show HERE

Without knowing its power… its a bit difficult to say much else… except we can see its got Racing Dynamics fitted.

at least we now know it exists…

I love the stunning body kit that - er - um - sets it aside from - um - er - the - um - std S2 Exige!


This picture is just about the ugliest image of an Elise er… sorry… Exige that I’ve ever seen.

It does look quite impressive from low down, but as I don’t usually crawl along on my hands and knees this pic is the view most will get of the car.

My god it’s ugly. 111R looks much more purposeful.

Well, some things I can see are:

-some bits bolted one, nothing special here, like the Dynamics suspension and fire extinguisher. Anybody can do that to any car and call it motorsports then

-how motorsports can it be if it has the same wing, brakes, diffuser and boot!

-I can see the oil coolers where the brake cooling intakes were supposed to be!

-it has a dry sump and a rollcage, all bolt-on bits.

Seems to me like a styling excercise, a bit of Max Power.
No way a Motorsport Exige would look anything like that, it would certainly be more special.

Update - I’m led to believe that there is to be a one make club level race series in Germany (190bhp sealed engines etc & built by Kumschicks), & the car on show is for that series.

So, it seems that the much vaunted Lotus factory Motorsport version has not yet broken cover.


I don’t think it has a dry sump ?? I think thats an oil pressure accumulator in the boot which, i think, works on wet-sump engines??

But anyhow its all max-power bolt-on goodies by the look of it as you say…

of course an accusump can work on wet sump engines,
it is generally for wet sump.
With dry sump u normally do not need an accusump.