Motorsport head vs standard

Hi Guy’s

Hope someone can help me out, last year the motorsport engine in my car broke a valve and subsequently the cams pulley’s etc, it was replaced with the standard 190bhp head, from the engine that was in the car preiously, my question is the following:

Should i get a new motorsport head complete with cam’s etc or should i have the current head flowed fit bigger valves and different cams.

What degrees are the normal exige cam’s as the aftermarket one’s i have found on the net seem to be 270 degree.

It is for track use so i am not looking for driveabilty under the curve, the straight cut box makes it impossible to drive on the road and think straight anyway. I want use the rest of the year to develop the car a bit more and enter it in our local porsche challenge next year but want to knock a least a second off it’s best lap time by then, the rules however state that the engine must be the origanol with no added forced induction etc, so that’s rules out all the easy routes to more power.

Current setup is as follows:

Motorsport bottom end standard head
UCR Gearbox
Aftermarket ECU
Set Up to run on 102 Octane

Sorry about the length of this post


As far as I understand the Mootrsports head was the same VHPD, probably different cams, but same valve size.
If I was you I’d get in contact with Dave Andrews, he’s the recognized top authority in K series heads.

Piper 1227 cams is what you need (no idea of the duration in degrees, but you can ask Dave)

Thanks Uldis,

That will answer all questions, i will go through it all and give him a call.

Appreciate the help