MotorSport / Exige Parts

I am building a race car based on a motorsport / Exige body with Duratec engine. Does anyone know where I can get hold of front / rear clams / roof panels / doors etc. Also what are the best rear hub carriers to use - alloy / steel?


Hi Tony,

What is the car based on, Elise or Exige, i imagine an elise as you need all the bodywork.

You will require the up rated toe link kit and the motorsport hubs with the larger bearings, or depending on power the std exige hubs which are steel might be ok, but they will not accept the front Caliper for a brake upgrade, so the motorsport hubs are the way to go.

Also does a front clam int eh MS style-e…

And the rear hubs too

Hi Tony

I have a complete car for sale, which may be of interest depending on where you are up to. It was built by a dealer in Scotland from a genuine Lotus Motorsport kit and has Dynamics remote resevoir dampers, Exige wheels, Momo removable 'wheel, carbon fibre rear spoiler, leather interior - that kind of thing. The engine is standard except for a CRP. Could get you going a lot cheaper than a scratch build and with only 20-odd thousand miles you could probably sell the engine? Brakes are MMCs which are worth a few quid too. Oh and it’s colour is New Aluminimum

Let me know if you are interested or give me a call on 07736 688848.