MotorSport / Exige Parts Wanted

I am building a race car based on a motorsport / Exige body with Duratec engine. Does anyone know where I can get hold of front / rear clams / roof panels / doors etc. Anyone got a mould.

Try geary at elise parts or MarcP I know he has a rear m\sport clam and roof etc for sale


Where is the best place to buy a motorsport engine cover, why were on the subject?.

Cheers Dave, I will give them a shout

Hi Tony

I have a complete car for sale, which may be of interest depending on where you are up to. It was built by a dealer in Scotland from a genuine Lotus Motorsport kit and has Dynamics remote resevoir dampers, Exige wheels, Momo removable 'wheel, carbon fibre rear spoiler, leather interior - that kind of thing. The engine is standard except for a CRP. Could get you going a lot cheaper than a scratch build and with only 20-odd thousand miles you could probably sell the engine? Brakes are MMCs which are worth a few quid too. Oh and it’s colour is New Aluminimum

Let me know if you are interested or give me a call on 07736 688848.


we have moulds here for complete motorsport body and we have made a number of these in carbon fibre. if you are really interested i can get carbon guy to quote but, off hand i can guesstimate that it would be upwards of 6000GBP for the whole kit (mind you about 30-40kg lighter than originals

Thanks for the offer, however �6000 is a little steep, even if they are lighter. Maybe if I win the lottery :slight_smile: