Motorsport engine cover

Yes I know this has been covered before, but I’m being a lazy arse:A) How much does it costB) Who can supply/paint/fit (Surrey area if poss)C) How good is the fitSeriously considering it now, depending on costs obviously.Cheers,Phil.

I got the one from Gaery in c/f.The problem is that the shape is a bit flatter than it has to be. This means that if u just fit it with the original bolts the cover will be to high on the sides.U have to fix it like the real Motorsport cover using 4 or 5 bolts.Another solution could be to use the frame from the old cover just to keep the c/f cover with the right shape.Nicolas(who has to fit it)

Phil,If you find a good source let me know, I’ll buy one as well.ThanksRoy

eliseparts is a good source.U can have it in g/f or c/f.

MarkD (on this site and has one fitted to his with quick release points (5 intotal i think) and it works/looks the snakes eyebrows.Give him a shout, Mark.

Thanks guys.- Thanks Nicolas, will check out eliseparts [image][/image]CALLING MARKD CALLING MARKD, COME IN MARKD![This message has been edited by X1GGE (edited 27 March 2003).]

Bugger. Today I decided I want one of these, and now I find they don’t fit properly using the standard hinge type attachment.Has anybody found a way to fit it such that it can be hinged open? I don’t want to mess about with quick release fasteners as I actually use the ‘boot’.

Yes Brendan,as i said few post before, u can use the blackplastic frame used on the original cover and fit it on the motorsport one. This will keep the cover with the right shape and u can fix it using the standard hinge.There was one Exige with this solution at donington.Nicolas

Odd - no mention of the cover on the site. Anyway, going back to my original question - how much is it?

Have found the original threads on this subject: and

Ask to Gaery at eliseparts…If i remember, the c/f one is 495 and the g/f is 395.Nicolas

Ok Ok - calm down - I am back! New job, very busy etcI got my Motorsport engine cover from Lotus, of all places, although I think it was the last in stock at the time, about 2 months ago. Owen at can obtain official Lotus parts now…To be honest the fit isn’t that great at the mo - it sits lower in the aperture than the standard item, so water can sit around the edges. Also the vents are quite large, and if you are going to leave the car outside there will be problems with rain ingress, wet plugs etc… It is much lighter and more flimsy than the original, but comes bare - ie no hinges, bolt holes, not even the Lotus badge. I think it was about �350, but then you need to get it painted.Maidstone Sportscars did mine if that helps, but they have their own bodyshop so getting all the work organised was easy. Otherwise I am sure that somebody like Lakeside or B&C could do it.Hope this helps…Cheers

Thanks for the help guys. Sorry Nicolas, I didn’t read your reply properly.

Excellent, thanks for all the info guys. B&C are just down the road from me, though I would guess they would put the job over to panelwise in Weybridge.