Motorsport engine cover

Ok… its fitted at last!!! Major thanks to Gavan Kershaw from Lotus who worked all Friday afternoon fitting it for me! Had to customise a few bits so it now clicks in like the perspex cover.Was at Hethel track on Saturday and the heat is nowhere near as intense as it used to be as it all escapes through the slats!Also the new 48 tyres were FANTASTIC…didnt hang around and theres hardly any wear noticeable and nore to the point they dont seem to peel into ridges like the39’s.So had a great weekend. (ALso got a remote control petrol motorsport Elise)looks the business!! You can get it sprayed up in the same colour as your car,serious pitlane fun!Anyway, Thanks again to Gavan… what a star!Pictures can be forwarded of the cover if you want to seeJohnO

JohnGreat stuff [image][/image]Did you ask Gavan about the tyre pressures?Please send piccies of the cover - even though I’ll see it for real on the 28th [image][/image]Did the new ECU behave (pops & bangs still)??PS How many tunnels are there between Manchester & Hethel??? [image][/image]

Pesky, sent pics to your email address…One tunnel… in Stoke on the A50…massive flame and bang !!!Tony from work was behind me in his car!! Said a van driver dived into the inside lane in panic!! OOPS!The ECU was working fine, however, I have had to buy a new staight through pipe from for the noise level at Hethel…got a boneycomb centre… reduces noise from 106 to 101.7 !!impressive, but no real bangs with it, so its time to swap over again now im back terrorising the public on the streets!No difference in power with the ECU, to be honest, if I hadnt been told it was fitted I wouldnt know!!Brought the toe links back with me , I will get those fitted this week JohnO

JohnYour car looks fantastic ;D

C’mon John, post a piccy here [image][/image]

John OReally keen to see your engine cover - does Gavan charge alot.Keeping the engine bay temp down is SO important to performance!!

Hi guys, don’t know how to put the pics on here!! completely numpty on the comp when its things like that, so i’m emailing you Mike and PhilJohnO

Tried mailing you guys, returned as mails are out of date i guess on your profiles!!Ok… Pesky has the pics, I’ll ask him to post them if he can on the board

Mr TurnerGoods will be despatched upon receipt of “cleared funds” - amount to be negotiated, so submit your bid NOW! ;D

JohnOGot your pics!Looks brill - was it mucho moola??(Not being nosey, just f interested)I like the marlborough red one!Pesky - do I still owe you loads of dosh?!?Perhaps you can recommend a decent B&B/Hotel around Middlewich/Winsford for 4 of us to stay on Tuesday night.Lager drinking will be enforced!!

The cover is about �400… but it sooo much cooler in the engine bay I reckon its worth it!! And it looks pretty good too.Ok… posting pics on the bookatrack website later… so you can all have a ganderJohnO

I need to pictures!What’s the rearward vision like ?

Brendan, just check the side and follow the link to Gallery…John, looks great, as Brendan asked, what about the rearward vision? do you see anything at all through those thingies?cheers,Bruno

Do you chaps still have a rear view mirror?The first thing I did was get rid of it - it also makes you use your door mirros more often.You get so much more frontal visibility.And it’s ideal when using an in car video.

Hi guys, yeah rear visibility is zero…however I got used to it in about 2 mins…never really got a lot of vision from the perspex one anyway… but the idea is I can swap it over when I’m not on the track anyway as I can just unscrew the bracket and fit the old one.But I reckon its staying on at the moment!JohnO

Is this cover modified to fit as the standard Exige cover?If so, can you describe your modifications to make this happen?I’d love to get the motorsport cover for cooling purposes.Also, does the 400 pounds include the mods and the paint?Thanks

It was a relatively painless fitting procedure, however it took about 4 hours in total.1. Remove bracket and old cover,taking bracket off perspex.2. Measure up for fitment of new cover in same place…3. The lower “U” shape clip has to have a piece of wood or plastic to make up the gap so it will actually fit in place like the normal cover…Ill take some close up pics and post them to the bookatrack site sometime this weekend.JohnO