Motorsport Elise with F3 engine and suspension ;)


[color:“red”] Yikes - what a mota! [/color]

huba huba huba!!!

Running a little LOW! I dread to think what it does to its wheel liners!


LOL, it hasn’t got any


On closer inspection (of the pic), I think that maybe an Exige not MS Elise, it’s driving position is not in the middle.

Not all of them had a central driving position, its probably a Elise with M/S clams

Just a few questions:

  • where was this?
  • what was the power output?
  • what series was it racing in?
  • how did it go?

The car is buildt by SK racing, a racingteam here in Norway. The car is a S2 Elise with the motorsport body and parts. The Engine and gearbox and rear suspension are from a F3 car thats not wery new. The engine is a 4cylinder VW engine with about 240hp+ i think. They have had engine truble all this season so they haven’t been able to show the full potential of the car. Next year they are going to change the engine i think.