Motorsport Elise with Bodykit on Pistonheads!

This looks and sound fantastic, especially for �12,000 but is the 54,000 miles a problem?

god that does sound good, I am on the look out for another sensible second car to use for every day use? do you think this would fit the bill

Have you won the lottery???

Also on Pistonheads, an Elise S2 for �12,950…bargain!

nah I was only messing mate, I am bloody hoping I will win the Euro millions on friday though = 85 freaking Million

Theres a very interesting new thread on SELOC abot this car.

Most think its underpriced, if so, why?

And some think its just a 7 grand Elise with a body kit, which makes the price about right especially as the engine has got 54K on it!

took me a while to find…but I guess you mean this one with a TT230 conversion:

web page

Interesting, I will pop over and check it out!

You may find it’s now sold…

You may find it’s now sold…

go on…


You may find it’s now sold…

But its only just gone up for sale!!!

Are you suggesting that maybe youve bought it???


What are your plans for it?

Put an Audi/Honda, fix/upgrade some bits and sell it?

Are you going to keep both?

It’s going to be the missus’ daily commuter when she’s in a hurry !! She’s a lucky girl though, bought her a new SLK350 last week ! (and there’s me trogging around in a Discovery)… Something is wrong…

Nowt wrong with trogging around in a Discovery! - Except for the bloody fuel consumption - worse than the Lambo!