Motorsport Elise S1 - (Honda JR S/C) Race / Road car - Thinking of selling after 18 years!

Blimey just checked and it 14 years since I last posted on here!
Thinking of selling my Motorsport Elise race car that I bought way back in 2004 from the main man Gavan Kershaw himself and raced competitively through till 2010 in various championships. The car has the ‘Link-up’ (Maidstone sports cars) Honda engine with JR S/C conversion and is charge cooled etc. currently puts out about 370hp. An extremely well sorted race / potential road car. Its basically been mothballed since 2010, is in great condition and recently obtained a V5C, so with a few minor tweeks could be MOT’s for road use. anyone interest please PM me.

cheers, Steve


Hi Steve, could you please send over some more info/spec and pics of the car, including interior please?
Where are you based?

Lotus motorsport Elise S1 with Honda Civic Type R 2.0 ltr, I-VTEC K20A2 engine conversion and Jackson Racing ‘Eaton’ Supercharger, (This is the ‘Link-Up’ conversion developed by Simon Scuffham and carried out by Maidstone Sports cars in Kent who were licensed to do the conversions.

The engine is stock aside from the JDM high lift cams, is Charge Cooled ( pro-alloy) and Accusumped. (I have the rolling data showing 330-335hp at the wheels which I believe is around 370HP at the flywheel, although I am no expert!

Motorsport Elise construction throughout with integrated, multi point welded FIA compliant ‘Safety Devices’ roll Cage. The car was built from the chassis up by Gavan Kershaw racing and was one of three they built back in the early 2000’s to race in the autobytel series.


hi adam

if you need any info beyond that then please private message me and I’ll come back to you