Motorsport Elise For Sale

Race winning motorsport elise (exige body) for sale. Ex-Autobytel Series, now extensively modified and a front runner in the Lotus Road Sports Series. Central Seat, Approx 225Bhp Scholar Tuned K-Series, Dog Box, LSD, Etc. Looked after by Gavan Kershaw (Chief Lotus Test Driver). Race Ready! �33k.


You forgot to mention “careful owner, never used on the road”

Looking forward to seeing you & the other LRSS boyz at Donny in October

Yep up for sale on Pistonheads Classified. What are main differences between this car and std Exige??


It’s a former race car from the Lotus/Autobytel championship, & therefore has never been road registered. Most of the differences are described in Bazza’s advert & the Pistonheads advert has piccies of the car. It also has 4 pot calipers on the front brakes, with 2 pot on the rears (with in-car brake bias adjuster), plus mag Speedline wheels. I’m not sure which engine management system is used, but it is a very quick car. Barrie recently won a race at Donington in it.

All in all, it would make an ideal everyday car for your missus

Rob - just what I was thinking! - not much room for ‘shopping’…

Thanks for info - interestingly another ex Autobytel Elise is up for sale in Top Marques at the mo for �24k.

Been to JCT600 today to look over a 51 reg C Orange Exige for a friend - totally immac (except for headlight cover holding down tapes!)- �27k

don’t the original Motorsport Elises have a central driving position - just like the Macca F1?


Yep - just as Bazza says in his initial post “central seat”

However, unlike the Macca, it doesn’t have passenger seats either side of the driver’s