Motorsport Decals

Hello All,After looking at the picture of the motorsport Exige on and having inquired about the “official” decal package from lotus - dealer says It’ll cost 70 notes - I’m thinking of getting some . I’ve completed a search and note X1GGE purchased the pack - what does it contain, and probably most importantly do they look any good (I have a BRG Exige - Bruno - have you fitted any Decals to your Car?)Thanks,James [image][/image]

Hi James,Yep, I bought them. Basically, you get a one for the windscreen (for the outside), one dashboard “Lotus Motorsport” sticker, 2 small logos for the rear and 2 larger ones for the doors (which I havent fitted).Bargain eh!!!Trouble with the windscreen sticker is that the wiper blade goes right over it so it can start to peel. The most important thing is to spend a lot of time cleaning the windscreen with meths to make sure it sticks well.I think (and other members have said) they look really good - especially on Chrome Orange.CheersPhil

James, I think they look the business…specially with BRG…together with the golden wheels…ask Mr Pesky…later,Bruno

BRG with gold rims?check my Exige - /membres/Nicolas/1st-evo/ [image][/image]Nicolas

Hey Bruno - you haven’t mentioned they soon revert to black unless yoo wash’em once a week. [image][/image] BTW, when I find the rest of the decal set, I’ll post it over to you.

quote:Originally posted by Nicolas:BRG with gold rims?check my Exige - /membres/Nicolas/1st-evo/ [image][/image]The gold wheels look really good on the BRG Exige [image][/image]Nicholas, is that one of “Geary’s” fuel filler caps, like RussT’s ?Bruno - Ally’s right, you must keep those wheels clean, otherwise the brake dust will eat into the paint! Did Renate like your car, when you took her to the mountains to meet your other girlfriend [image][/image]

You Guys are seriously bad for my wealth - I’d told the Girlfriend that the Decals would be the last thing I’d get for the car for a while and now you show me the Gold Wheels - like the devil on my shoulder [image][/image]Thanks for the advice though - they are now on order

Ally, your right? you should have told me that before…'cause I absolutely hate cleaning cars…bugger…hopefully you will find the stuff… [image][/image] [image][/image]Rob, she said, well, it looks alright…women…eh? what do they know… [image][/image]..but then again, she wasn’t complaining about the noise…I organised some earplugs for her but she didn’t use 'em…oh well…the day was fantastic…shame that you lot couldn’t have been here…you would have liked the mountain passes…I’m telling ya…oil consumption is stabilizing…the gear change is getting sweeter and sweeter…later,Bruno

Yes Pesky, The feul filler is from eliseparts. It was ok to fit it because i already had the rear clam removed. Otherwiseit is for sure not so easy.with gold rims also the brg changes…it is another green. Anybody saw the rear intake?I fitted to my car a UCR gearbox + LSD + AP clutch + Leda suspensions with trackday springs + many ather small jobs.bye

Hey Nicolaswas just wondering how you fix your number plates… [image][/image]

Duggan,Have you seen Bob’s website @ He does a load of stickers at rock-bottom prices ;-)Cheers,Rich.

hey Bruno…plates? here in south of switzerland we do not need them, do u? [image][/image]

X1GGE, have you got any photos of your car with stickers? I’m also contemplating a set for my Orange car. some photos would certainly help with the decision making

Ok, I’ll try again. Does ANYONE have any photos of an Orange Exige with the Motorsport decals???

AngelolI’ve mailed you a picture of an orange car from the (now defunct) Autobytel series. At least there are Motorsport stickers on the bodywork, if not on the screen!Hope it helps.