Motorsport calipers 4 pots

Hey Guys, I am lucky enough to get a set of these 4 Pots calipers. I am about to install it myself, just wondering will i need to drill into upright? Or is direct fit? cheers


Hi Sam,

They don’t bolt in the same place as the 2 pots.

Some S1 uprights had both sets of mounting holes for both 2 pots and 4 pots but I think it was early ones only. I had a set on the front of my last Elise race car which was a '96 car.

The spacing is the same but they mount further inboard than the 2 pots.



Cheers Dan, i will have a look in my upright and hope i will have other set of holes for these 4 pots :slight_smile:

Might have a pair of spanking new bells for these. Take 295 or 304 ap discs :slight_smile:

And possibly some PF pads to go with them

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