Motorsport bits

Anyone heard any details of the motorsport bits we were supposed to be able to buy, such as oil cooler, racing pads, ulta-close ratio gearbox…Everytime I ask, the dealer says they’re still waiting for details. I think Lotus are concentrating on the new Elise.

Check this out Hitch, Also, if you want to speak to someone who actually knows what they’re talking about, call Michelle Evans at Lotus on 01953 608350She’s very helpful… and can transfer you to Lotus Technical if she can’t help !

Some interesting bits listed on other forum. Cant believe that a seat costs the same as the 190 engine upgrade…someone is having a laugh!What exactly does the breather kit do?Do the water hoses go in the services compartment or are they all visable through the engine cover?What is the alloy airbox backplate?Noticed that locking wheelnuts are on the list…I just though that mine was missing the keynut when looking in the services hatch the other day…I’ll be well ****ed off if none were fitted as standard - they were on the elise! Anybody know what a front or rear wheel will cost to replace…without the rubber.

No, the car doesn’t have locking nuts as standard… which surprised me too.Am going to order some, as a replacement wheel is about �200And I’d rather spend a few quid on some locking-nuts than lose �1600 of tyres+wheelsI’ve no clue about the alloy backplate or any of those other things you mention.When I get the CD from lotus, I’ll upload pics of each item so you can see then in context.

I think the breather kit is part of the 190 upgrade and uses the catch tank to capture oil that’s forced out of the engine during hard cornering.The alloy airbox back plate sound like it is what the airbox is attached to next to the throttle bodies, so might be to reduce heat soak into the airflow of summat.I’d imagine the silicone hoses are used to replace those around the expansion tank in the engine bay. So are for pose value.As can be seen, my guesses might be as off the mark as anybody elses.I’m toying with the idea of removing the airbox to see how much it weighs compared to the carbon jobbie.