Motorsport 190 340R

A very rare touch for the 340R

Special thanks to Keith, Winthattt for this. :clap::+1:t2:

A few more pics of the 340 :+1::sunglasses:



Union flag is a bit startling!!! :open_mouth: But thanks for sharing, Pierre :clap:

Some less startling exiges’ gold :smiley:

Keeps the cockpit oven to a minimum.

As the Union flag is on so many new Lotus models I think its fine to apply it to our special models :smiling_face:

Looks brilliant Pierre.

Sorry, Pierre, my remark was in jest.

I bloody love this :thumbup:

I knew :wink:


Trackday with Elmo

Exiges heart beats’ strong :sunglasses:

Wonderful! Glad she’s up and running :thumbup:

Great news Pierre :thumbup: