Motors TV

Has anyone else seen the schedule for this evening…

LMES followed by ALMS followed by DTM… bliss, pure bliss .

aaarrrrgggggh! why did you have to say that!! I need to do paperwork all night for a presentation tomorrow dammit!!

The DTM is great, watched it last night! First bend fun, rabbits in the pitlane! Lots of top names, as well as Brits doing well.

Only problem is the commentary, I understood what was going on better than them!


Bloody NTL

Sky is a wonderful thing,…well I would say that I suppose

Bloody NTL


Which reminds me, I keep meaning to ask Ben - who writes the music for the menus, and can I get a CD?!


I know how/where the EPG music gets injected so if you ask nicely I’ll change it to something else

Just insert a link to the hard rock section of

I could listen to that for hours, and frequently do…

Rock lovers could also try which works with WMP…

Have you heard the Sky EPG music Mike? I think Ian was being sarcastic. Think ‘elevator music’ and you are there.

I did know what it sounded like, but tend to mute it and turn on the CD, whilst choosing programs…

What was life like before remote controls, eh ??

Well I can help You can just turn off the EPG music, from memory I think it is , set it to off, save settings et voila no more cheesy music!

Mike you make me laugh!!!

Mind you I have had a few beers so a letter from the revenue would probably make me laugh at the moment.


Bloody NTL


Uncle Pesky
Sorry you missed it.
Recorded the DTM on SKY+ last night, not watched it yet but can ‘dump’ to tape for you or you can call round to watch Thursday evening, ‘naggin tackle’ is away

or you can call round to watch Thursday evening, ‘naggin tackle’ is away

Ta muchly - will do