Mother F*%$*&

Did not get a nice surprise this morning. Slid into the driver seat (7am so still dark) and felt something on the driver seat, looked to my left and no window! Glass all over the driving compartment, road and door.

Spent 10 min clearing up the glass and picking glass off the seat. Went to work and phoned my insurance co. Got the first good news of the day, the windows covered under the windscreen cover so �50 excess and should be sorted.
Not quite that simple The car will be in a lock-up till the newly ordered window arrives. Turns out they rely on MMC to order and fit the window, with their turnaround I wont have the car until Friday next week!

Not only this but the glass has scratched the passenger door on the inside and outside.
If I ever get my hands on that little %!%$%!

One thing that does give me comfort is the only thing taken was a small bag with my 2 year old stinking trainers in it. Enjoy!

Bad luck

It’s a horrible feeling getting to your car to find some little scrote has been at it… Feels all violated!

It’s just hassle you don’t need.

Hope you get it sorted soon…


Jamie- I used to work for an insurance company and for glass claims, resultant scratching to the door/surrounding panels used to be covered under the same claim/xs. Would love 10 mins alone in a locked room with the little b*stard who did it! Love the colour though- mine’s ardent red too.

Cheers for that will have a chat with the insurance co

For your viewing pleasure

Really sorry to hear this - however, sounds like, that with a bit of patience, all will be okay.

Keep smiling - could have happened to whatever car you own

That’s a great picture- weird to see another one the same, let alone two!! Is yours standard?

Sorry to hear of your missfortune…little bas#ards. Horrible feeling, had the same happen to an S1 Elise. Like you said the worse bit is picking the glass up. I was finding the bits for weeks. They stole two of my Van Halen C.D.(I’m sure some would say thats goods luck not bad)
Hope you get your car back soon…nice pic

Its just got the P-pack for now, not sure that will last the winter itch… Looking at a few bits and peaces.

Just had a chat with the insurance co said they would have to put a full claim through for body work. They were sounding like they did not like the fact it was broken into rath than broken by ‘usual use’. Plus with �500 excess I aint going to push it.

Is there anything I can do to treat the smaller scratches? T-cut?

Small scratches?
Not worth it, just forget about them. The car will anyway get scratches with use.
Consider them as battle scars.

Just get the window done.

I would seriously read your policy- of course they’ll try and wriggle out of you paying �50 for glass and getting bodywork repaired aswell, as opposed to �500 for a full claim.

I figured that the small scratches can be fixed the bigger ones can’t. Don�t mind battle scars do mind some muppit smashing my window and damaging my car.