My Exige has a 192 conversion, having read all the notes on the website etc, the concensus is is that it will not pass an MOT. Would a downgrade back to 177 BHP sort the problem ? Could I keep the sports exhaust ?

SparkyUntil someone takes their car for an MOT test, we’ll not know the answer. Any volunteers??? In the meantime, I for one ain’t worried [image][/image]

I know, but I assume that the car is actually illegal to drive ??Any ideas how much a reversal would cost?I’m due to pick it up on Friday - probably last minute jitters !!

If you’re buying it off a dealer, get them to give you something in writing that they will handle any MOT related issues caused by the upgrade.Ian [image][/image]

Good Idea, it’s coming from a non-lotus dealer but he’s a good bloke. I’ve already got him sourcing a Cat for me, I’m sure he would sort the rest out (?)

Illegal to drive? Yeah right, you shouldn’t go over the speed limit either. But of course no-one does that, do they?Same as there shouldn’t be bananas sold in llbs & ozs, just Kg. Same as Sadam shouldn’t have weapons of mass destruction etc etc.Need I go on. The world is not a perfect place and you really shouldn’t be too politically correct. Stop worrying about this M.O.T. nonsense.If you want, I will go get an M.O.T. before it’s due (Aug 2003) and put a scan of it on this BBS to put everyone’s mind at rest.FYI I have a 190UG c/w cat bypass pipe. - Cat’s in the garage, other cat’s on the sofa having a kip. [image][/image]Phil GT

PhilWhy don’t you say what you mean??? [image][/image]Well put [image][/image]

We took a 192 converted car to a MOT test centre. As soon as the emissions sensor got within 30 feet of the exhaust, the computer crashed and started playing Pacman !!

For MOT’s, try your local classic car specialist, as they normally know a friendly MOT guy that will take an open-minded approach to the passing requirements. Allegedly.

The answer to the million dollar question!I bought an Exige with 190 kit, although it has a standard exhaust and still has the cat fitted. I asked for a MOT with the car having heard about the problem on the board.Guess what? It passed, not only that they gave me the print from the gas analyser and it was just above the mid range on all outputs. Without a cat not a snowballs chance in hell.

MFDon’t you mean as much chance as finding a snowball in the sahara? [image][/image]Phil GT

I’ve got a cat so I guess my snowballs got an even chance? [image][/image]sorry about that you always get one.

Well the CAT was put back on and guess what it passed the MOT with flying colours. No detune required at all.Lotus chaps were stunned so I am told as even they weren’t expecting it to pass.Hooray !

I hate to say it, but I will…Told you so!The panic is now over, perhaps this topic will be closed, but…What about getting one through with a honda type R engine in? Which cat would we need the honda one which would be matched to the engine?Any Cat experts?