I know it seems like a LONG way off… but many of us have a 190 upgrade… from what I gather the upgrade involved removing many parts that lets the car get through it’s MOT (charcoal cannister, breater pipes rerouted, cat pipe etc.etc.)What the heck are 340R/Exige owners going to do 3 yrs from now ?

It needs stressing that the previous postings that give rise to your query deal with obtaining 340ps/ton ratio for the 340R. Some of Lotus’s recommendations address performance improvments and others deal with weight reduction because the ratio is derived from power to weight. Lotus’s aim is to reduce the weight to 517kgs against a power output of 195ps. I would suggest that any alterations to your car are confined to the area of power output rather than weight reduction and that in all likelihood you still have your charcoal canister and breather pipes. Therefore the only problem you will need to address in three years time is the refitting of the cat.