MOT Testers Handbook

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Might help settle any debate over what will or will not pass an MOT?

Not that we�re likely to be having many of them, �Biannual�, it a joke!

The RVM must be marginal on the Exige S

Not that we�re likely to be having many of them, �Biannual�, it a joke!

David - enlighten me?

Well the government have proposed to scrap yearly MOT�s in favour of biannual testing, which to me at least seems ridiculous.

The thing is, look at the number driving wreaks we see on the road as it is, hell, on my way home today we were damn near asphyxiated by the fumes coming out of the Astra in front; and now cars like that are gonna remain on the roads for twice as long.

The only argument I can see for the scheme is that it�ll be cheaper for the motorists, but surely, less MOT�s are going to mean that garages are going to have to hike their prices due to lack of business.

I can�t quite remember the stat, but something like a third of vehicles fail their MOT�s as it is, and to let that many cars with duff brakes or broken lights stay on the road, well to me at least, seems irresponsible.


Tim, rvm isnt mandatory if you have at least one wing mirror, otherwise all the vans driving round with solid back doors would be illegal!