MOT and Emissions

We are concerned with the 190 upgrade and a Lotus sports exhaust (oval tail pipe) and an MOT approaching do you know whether it will pass the emission and and noise regs ??
E & S

It should pass the emissions providing there is nothing wrong with it, do you know if the cat is fitted ?

Noise tests are not part of an MOT so dont worry

Just looked no cat
Guess this will be an issue?

Yup This will be a problem

You will have to borrow or buy a cat to pass the emmisions - or chat up a friendly MOT station

Any idea how much one is

Well a new standard one is stupid money 400 quid i think ? - a better bet is to buy the sports cat from Eliseparts or Powerspeed at about 250 quid + VAT still get good flow as well.

Having said that I dont know if anyone has tested a motorsport cat So maybe worth checking that point - anyone ?