Most powerful Exige in world ????



Bloody hell Mike!
Get away from that thing!

I would think it’s safe to give you that title.
That is, until somebody else comes along and takes it!

You da Man!

I’m sure it won’t be long - another Exige is booked in with Bernard next week !!


So when are we gonna see it in action

Need to MOT and then I have some money issues…

Hoping to get it on track very soon so I can learn to tame it!!

Any suggestions ??

Hoping to get it on track very soon so I can learn to tame it!!

Any suggestions ??

Nuerburgring in November

Nice one Mike

I would hate to see your fuel bill tho

Maybe a private 1/2 day at Llandow just to get the feel of it ?

Anglesey on the 2nd Oct

I would love to do the Nurburgring, but most likely it would be Llandow - I am investigating another possibility…


There is a Mallory Park day in November (on a weekend) for only �89 at the moment.
Mallory Park

Mike with that sort of power i would want a very long track and plenty of runoff, at least for the 1st time - Elvington has the longest straight in Europe an Bookatrack have a day there on Sat 2nd Oct 2004

Hi Mike,

please let me know where you will dirve on the track, i would love to see how it will compete against a Honda Powerd car!


Hoping to get it on track very soon so I can learn to tame it!!

Any suggestions ??

Yes Mike,

put it away in the garage and throw it some raw meat every day, and keep it nice and quiet.

Oh yes, and learn how to opposite lock a lot.

Flipping heck mike! Just as well it doesn’t rev past 6000!

Considered a tyre mortgage for all that torque!!?!!!

Congrats, a long time in the making.


Thanks Ian…

Actually it revs to 7000 all too easily

We have set the soft cut at 6850 and the hard cut at 7000

Hi Mike:

First of all let me tell you that I really, really, envy you.

Second… Isn’t that torque curve a little too pikey? Isn’t there any way you can make it flatter? Are you working on it?

And yes… It probably is the Most powerful Exige in world

Bloody hell Mike, thats a bit pokey. I’m sure things will get interesting on damp roads from now on.

When are you getting it out on track, I will have to come and have a look when you do.

Nice one Mike that is mightily impressive - you’ll be arriving before you set off in future

I’ve just done the maths to project what the power would have been had we continued on to peak. It would have made about 313 BHP at 6200 RPM. Mental or what ?
We need to get some acceleration figures out of it soon.