More talk of pi$$ing rain

OK, what with all the talk of wetness and rain and dampness… Why are there sizeable gaps at the top of my windows!?!

The PX is worse and it a actual gap between the glass and the rubber… So do I get some new rubbers for along the top or can I adjust the windows from the inside?

When I got the car the rubber along the top of the window were hanging down, then I spotted the little holes and plastic clips so clipped it all back in but since then there’s been these gaps

Told ya there’d be more dumb questions on the way

I had that problem and the dealer played around with the window mech to improve things. You REALLY don’t want to drive the car in the rain with those gaps! You go around bends and the water flys in and hits you in the face - nice!


Theres a strange thing with my passenger window that might be worth a try!

If the passenger window is opened while the door is shut, (ie from inside the car) when you wind it back up theres a 5mm gap!


If you open the door and wind the window up as far as it goes and then shut the door, the gap disappears

Spooky or what

Might be worth a try


Robbo - same with mine on drivers side.

No idea why but seems to close straighter and therefore flush when do this.

You might have what I had… a missing nut

There are three that hold the window in place, on my right one there was one missing, from factory!

Well the wind the window up with the door open didn’t work, still a gap

I think I’ll get some real big chunk rubbers made up (gwaffle)

No need, really, open the door sill (take off the winder and the black plastic) and access the innards.
The window is completely adjustable in all senses. You just have to use the manual for that.
Do you have it?

Oh yeah, just found it… Well after the fuel pumpage is sorted then onto the glass

Thanks again