More success for Britain at Games

Yes folks, today saw yet another Gold Medal going to the home team. In an exclusive, your reporter saw the Peskmeister cream the opposition in the Spinning competition. Although the confident/brave/stupid/ choice of “not hitting the brakes before a corner” technique had the crowds gasping at Oulton today, our hero miraculously stepped out of his manned missile unhurt. It is believed, however, that he has now taken his brain out of the jar, and replaced it back where it should be, up his a*se. Mr Hesketh also picked up the bronze in “Most gravel collected”, and was much admired for his new paint scheme, blue and gravel rash.Thankyou. [image][/image]

You’d obviously been thinking about that on the drive home - bar steward! [image][/image]On reflection, I think I won the “sliding”, rather than the spinning medal. Must have slid almost 150 yards on the grass before the gravel trap thankfully stopped me from stuffing the tyrewall. Served me right for foolishly thinking that I could take Island bend at 90 mph, without braking beforehand, just because the rain had stopped coming down! Fortunately no apparent damage, apart from an excess of mud on the wheels, & an undertray full of gravel!!!What a cracking day though! It rained continually until about 4pm, & I think that we did the Exige marque proud. The Tuscan & Caterham racers were absolutely phenomenal - how they managed to control those cars in those conditions, & at the speed they were going was amazing. I tried to follow Peter Wheeler (TVR Factory owner) through Shell corner & the Foulstones chicane, but he left me for dead - okay he was all over the kerbs to get the best lines, but credit where credit’s due! Apart from those, we were lapping R500s,SLRs & some trick Vauxhall powered Caterhams (One exception being a Vauxhall Caterham very expertly driven by Roger Swift). I have no doubt though, that in the dry the inherently quicker Caterhams would have been faster than me.Can’t wait to do Oulton in the dry (it’s always been very damp or p*ssing down when I’ve driven there), now that I’m confident that I know the right lines!!![This message has been edited by Pesky (edited 31 July 2002).]