More starting stuff...

First a shout out to SeanB for ultra-fast, excellent assistance with immobiliser issues last weekend - cheers mate!

Now to where it all began…

…car fine over the winter, started ok, ran around and generally kept in fine fettle. Decent weather arrives and the starter motor decides to play up (grinding noise, etc, etc.).

Took the unit out, bench tested ok but still misbehaving - ultimately turns out to be the drive/pinion assembly (clutch unit not gripping properly).

Replacement starter price vary wildly from �60 to �150+, so I eventually found a company who could supply just the drive/pinion, for under �15:

Wood Auto Supplies
01484 428261

Ordered by c/c over the phone, arrived next day - they couldn’t have been more helpful and great quality parts

Then the bl**dy immobiliser wouldn’t ‘mobilise’…

…hence the thanks to SeanB for emergency wiring advice.

New immobiliser ordered - the old one is u/s as it’s not accepting the code from the main alarm unit (although relays, etc. are all working) and will be fitted shortly.

First a shout out to SeanB for ultra-fast, excellent assistance with immobiliser issues last weekend - cheers mate!

Last weekend you say? There’s a man with proper priorities…but a relatively short life!

No worries mate.

Yep wiring advice was given while my best man and I were driving to my wedding. lol. Perhaps I can multi task afterall!!

Top man!

Immobiliser now arrived - wiring appears the same as the Lotus OE unit so will be fitting tomorrow…

…tomorrow now today and the job’s done!

The cable markings are indeed the same on a standard immobiliser as the Lotus-supplied one, so a relatively straighforward - if time-consuming - job to join the original connector block onto the new harness.

The unit went in well, wiring all routed and cable-tied pretty much the same as it was.

The main difference is that the new unit has a separate ‘disarm’ key rather than using the keyfob button. I understand (though I am open to correction!) that whilst it is possible to re-code a new alarm to an existing immobiliser, the opposite isn’t true.

Siting the port for the key took a while: Originally I’d intended fitting it between the alarm telltale and the lighter socket (plenty of cable to reach). Only getting the gear-surround off to drill a hole entailed removing the gearknob (which is, of course, threadlocked on!).

Decided instead to site it on the cable cover between the seats - this works well as it has a flat face, just the right width for a 15mm hole. Cable routing is easy too and allows plenty of spare for anti-strain loops. The port is easy enough to reach and the flashing red LED is very visible when the unit is armed.

Now it’s the Bank Holiday…so I can’t get new tax until Saturday…damn!!