more power pls

hi i have just got myself a s2 exige and i am trying to up power a bit do filter kits and exhausts give much increasee in power can i get it remaped or is super charger the way to go although my budget is low any advise would be good as i am new to exiges .ps what a bloody great car .cheers tim . pss its a 2005 modal year

Air filters & exhausts give the car a different sound, but no more power.

The ECU upgrade however is excellent. Although it adds no more power overall, the delivery of it is more linear, with more tourque apparent lower in the rev range.

It’s a no brainer really. If your existing ECU has an ‘A’ prefix it’ll cost �495 + VAT on an excange basis. Cheaper if yours is the ‘B’ type

If it’s power you want as apposed to more low down torque, I think filters and exhaust will give you a few bhp but not very many, I guess 5 absolute max. You have to get good kit though because otherwise you wont get any power increase and probably even lose some.

Well I would say that you are getting such little return for your cash I would save it. A filter and zaust will give a few ponies but not enough to notice (get more difference between an empty vs full tank of fuel!)If you like the sound then get it for that. The more power route is costly due to the tricky ECU, couple of companys have products out there but they are at around 7k.

Best investment you can get is driver training

Agree with the above. You have to remember that the Yota lump is only a 1.8 and it is already putting out 190 odd bhp, so there really isnt a lot more to come unless you go the forced induction route. I have the Lotus ECU reflash and it is really good - no more power, but much more driveable.


thanks for that chaps .think i will leave it as it is. its great fun and the more i drive it the better it seams . i have come out of evo,s and scoobs which have a lot more torque but when it comes down to it perforamce is very simulier untill you come to bends that is .

Has anybody on here with a supercharged S2 change the pulleys on the charger to increase the pressure? If so, what sort of power are you running and where did you get the smaller pulley from?

not as simple as that you would need injectors etc plus the hardest bit - a new tune for your ECU