More misfires and dampness...

Hi all,

I hope you had a good xmas, ate far too much and got pished for 4 days straight

Back to my cylinder 1 not firing fun

As it was dry over xmas there was a couple of points where the Exige was really really good to me, running like a absolute dream! And had much grinning fun hacking around the lanes again

But now it’s got all damp again it’s started to misfire and do the ol’ 5.5k limit This is with new plugs (could only get RC7 YCC, should really matter I thought) and magnecor leads… I’ve even tried with the old plugs as well (which was running fine when it was running OK IYSWIM).

Now the really odd bit now is that after a misfire it still run’s on all 4 cylinders but the idle drops to ~800rpm, it could be intermittently missing but it’s so rough that low that it’s hard to tell.

What can cause a weak spark? Is the ignition straight from the coils? There isn’t any kind of dizzy or anything? Any other thoughts?


Just a thought, but have you had the ECU recall (updated firmware) that’s supposed to fix this?