More Insurance

Waiting for Esteem to mail me back with track day cover details for this year, but decided they are never going to - typical nice game, wait until 2 days before you need to insure and give you bad news just to mess you up

So, I here good news about John O’s mob but they never call back either … so Is it me

Any other recomendations, I know CCI but they didnt want to know first time around as I had no NCB to offer ( company car etc ) and didnt do a classic policy or such …

Ford direct told me they would cover me with full NCB at 900 quid but no track cover …

Seems track cover is the problem, especially European … which is fine for me but gives my partner a problem, she doesnt like the idea of losing 20K or so because some other person puts you in the wall ( doesnt matter about me … )

I’ve just gone through the same exercise. Autotorque were cheapest closely followed by Esteem, similar cover in that trackdays were going to be extra �26 per time, which is reasonable unless you plan to do lots of trackdays. Insurance including trackdays was an extra �400 ie equivalent to 15 trackdays.

For some reason my last company put the renewal up by �300 this year nearly 40% increase - no explanation or reason that I know of!



Pesky & John O - many thanks - Sorted

I will only talk about Autotorque as THE best company I have dealt with for Insurance this year …