More bargain days - Snetterton 26th & Silverstone 31st

As I’ve mentioned before, one of my (R500 driving) Directors has done a bulk buy with OnTrack and there are about half a dozen days to use up on the last two dates of the year.It’s �170 quid for two 20 min sessions in the hour on either day.I’m going to Silverstone (assuming B&C can sort out servicing & 190ing my car!) on the 31st, as it’s the full GP circuit and it’s normally over �300 for just one session. It’s a normal OnTrack day, although the EVO crew won’t be at this one, so there should be a variety of hardware. Given it’s late in the season it could be quite quiet and they’ve done open pitlane in these circumstances in the past.Let me know if you’re interested.Cheers, Ian [image][/image][This message has been edited by IDG (edited 18 October 2002).]

I might now be Billy-no-mates at Silverstone on Thursday, not that I care with my new 190 engine and Pagids!Still places available, it might even be dry! - Let me know if you’re interested.Ian [image][/image]