Monthly NW Meet

Wrights Arms, Belmont, near Bolton.Every first Wednesday of month (e.g. tomorrow 7th Feb) between 7.30 & 8pm, joining in with local Lotus/Caterham 7 Club.Tomorrow, Lotus Ribble Valley are bringing along their demo Exige & Elise Mk2. That means there should be 3 Exiges in the car park - mine, Russell Treasure’s & LRV’s.Last month, about 20 petrolheads turned up, so spring/summer meets should be good [image][/image]All are welcome, & I’ll be there with a couple of EVO owning mates at around 7pm, as we’re having a bite to eat also.Anybody else able to make it?

Can’t make it tomorrow but should be able to later in the year.

JimboDidn’t realise you’re oop North too [image][/image]Whereabouts are you?Hope to see next month at the Wrights Arms [image][/image]

It would seem that the majority of Exige/Elise owners (who use this site) live north of the M25?! Is this true? Southerners declare yourselves!!!

quote:Originally posted by Pesky:Wrights Arms, Belmont, near Bolton.Bolton ? That’s north of the Watford Gap right ?Do they have colour TV up there yet ? [image][/image]There’s a good concentration of Exiges in the Warwick/Northants way.Shame it’s a Wednesday thing, and not a Saturday thing [image][/image]

I will see you later Rob, but I wonder if Hitch knows about it ? I am not sure if he is around (he might be swilling shandy at the moment), so I will drop him an email.Cheers RT(check list for tonight:ferret,pigeons,flat cap,clogs)

I’m around, but back down south for the foreseeable. Will be up north at weekends thankfully.BTW Had a call from KJ yesterday asking if I still had the Exige and whether I knew about the 190 upgrade they were selling for 1500 quids. LOL.

Perhaps they’re selling the old 190 Kit still ?

I work in manchester…so might be able to make it along later in the year…travel to work by train at present!!!

DavidOf course we’ve not got colour TV, but we do have… …AIRCON [image][/image] [image][/image] [image][/image]

quote:Originally posted by Pesky:DavidOf course we’ve not got colour TV, but we do have… …AIRCON [image][/image] [image][/image] [image][/image]hehe… in an area only 2nd to the Antartic for being cold.

Bugger… as a last minute fit of optimism, I set out to get to your meet… and hit a jam and sit in traffic for an hour.Crap.Still, I tried. [image][/image]

DavidThanks for trying anyway [image][/image]You missed a bit of a treat - as well as 3 Exiges, half a dozen 7s, 2 Elises, the star of the show was Tony Regan’s magnificent factory built Ultima [image][/image] The good news is that he only lives 1/4 mile from the Wrights Arms, so he will be a regular attender. I’m following him down to Le Mans in June [image][/image] Met a certain Mr Treasure at the meet - another bloody nice bloke! Seems to be a common trait of Exige owners…unless you know otherwise [image][/image] Hope to see you at next month’s meet.

Hey Rob, I will slip you that fiver later, OK?BTW, I AM BOOKED ON THE FERRY - WOHOOOOOOOO!Can anybody lend me some money for petrol?RT