Monte Carol or Bust

Anybody interested in a drive to Monaco for a few days in November. I thought about…Weds 14th NovEarly morning sea-cat, drive 2/3 of way through France and stay somewhere cheap and cheerful.Thurs 15th NovLeave 8am-ish and arrive in Nice or Cannes or Antibes for a late lunch. Spend afternoon and evening and all day Friday cruising, posing, shopping and gambling.Sat 17th NovEarly morning start to get most of way to Northern France, before another cheap night.Sun 18th NovEarly to mid-morning sea-cat home and call in at Parts Fair on way home for a couple of hours.Any takers??SOOTY

I got the complete wrong end of the stick here.Thought I read MOUNT CAROL can you imagine my dissapointment

To continue Reg’s train of thought…Mount Carols Bust?