Monaco GP

Just had a fantastic few days in Monaco. I’m sure most of you will have watched the race on TV, so you will know how exciting it turned out. My ears are still ringing from the noise of the engines, which just bounces off the buildings!

I’m not certain, but I think I spotted someone (through my binoculars) wearing a black shirt with “Vinyl Veronique Racing” written on the back, & other stuff on the sleeves! I could of course be very wrong, as I was about 50 yards away, but just the thought of such a “spot” made me laugh out loud & I had to spend the next 5 mins explaining why to my mate

Any news of the next trackday - I’m now well up for it?

Hi Nobby
It was me you saw at Monaco. On the Saturday was at Tabac with the the Vinyl Veronique T-shirt on and on the Sunday I was on the hillside overlooking Rascass, pits, swimming pool exit etc wearing the Vinyl Veronique fitted shirt. If you want to get a hold of a t-shirt contact RussT, support the effort. Pity you could not get across to say hi but I think if you left your spot on Sunday you lost it.
Had a fantastic time and another GP crossed of the list have to agree the sound was incredible, not downloaded from my camera yet but should have a good sound clip to post.


Did you have a good time John? Was a good race for the last third or so, from where I was sitting. Is it worth the visit?

Nobby, if you want a shirt, email me and I will get one off to you. Or you could come to Snetterton on the 11th June and I will give it to you then.



Cheers Russ

Unfortunately won’t be able to make Snetterton, because I’ll be away to La Manga on a golfing trip with the lads How much are the shirts?

Jaycee - fame at last eh? Glad to know that my eyesight is okay, & that the Vin Rouge wasn’t making my imagination run wild


how did you get there?

We went over for a week (Wed to Wed) used for flights to Nice, stayed in Antibes so train from airport to there, hired apartment for week, (Antibes, lovely old town area, mega marina) took train to Monaco from Antibes for Saturday n Sunday, bout 13 Euros return.

Cheers jaycee

i really hope to go in the next couple of years and just wondered… cheers

Forgot to add train journey, Antibes to Monaco was 55 mins and a very scenic journey following the coastline. Cannes is 2 stops the other way from Antibes, but wouldn’t bother with Nice, heard it’s a bit of a toilet but never been. Accomodation booked over web from Yacht View.

Superb Jaycee many thanks…

now need to work out a plan for next year