Momo Horn button

Well, if anyone has a Momo or similar horn button let me know ( well ok only let me know if you want to sell it )

Yes I know the OE one “could” work - and it does sort of … long story … a Momo one would make my week

Long story is I purchased a snap off kit - but the lightweight non locking one and … the rest is very long …

I maybe able to help you Andy. I think B&C returned the original MOMO one when they fitted a Lotus one to my removable wheel. It’s at the back of the garage so I wouldn’t be able to check until the weekend - feel free to prompt me on Friday.


ps. Simon while I’m going back there I could put the Cat back if you’ve finished with it?


Cyber talk to Friday then

Many thanks



When I got back last night I had a look at mine and the snap off is exactly the same but there is a red flat disc and a spacer between the snap off and the wheel.

There are 2 rivets on it to correspond with the 2 on the steering column side of the snap off kit! The spacer creates a bit more room to get the wires in etc.

If you get stuck and cant get a Lotus horn push, have a look, Im sure you’ll be able to make one.


Cheers Paul - I think I know what you mean

Are you at work

How did you guess!

I was trying to type quickly!!!


It’s with my kit to bring on the 12th.


Im after the steering column buttons/rivets myself…I have the part that fits between the steering wheel and the snap off hub.

i really seem to be struggling for this part - would be grateful if anyone could direct me to a website/supplier.


Here is a copy of a mail about the snap off kit - Michael is your man at [email protected] - he was real helpfull.

Hi Andrew

There are several versions of the Snap Off,

  1. Special order, non painted aluminium, no lock, used extensively in Sweden
    for racing. It is made by CNC so the finish on the aluminium is great. It is
    however, more expensive than the others.
  2. Standard Snap Off, aluminium painted black, with block lock which is
    removable. It might be possible to supply this version unpainted, but it
    would be need to be treated or sandblasted to give it a better finish than
    it appears from the mould.
  3. Snap Off 2000, painted black, with integral lock which automatically
    locks on and requires the key to be removed.

1 and 2 are only available by mail order, 3 is available in a number of
stores and by mail order.

Please let me know


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