Model car rant

Now I know somebody out there is just having a laugh at my expense.
For years I had a series of Esprits. I really wanted a model, but there were just none out there. Now I have an Exige there’s lots of Esprit models. I want an Exige model, and there’s nothing except the crappy little Hotwheels things.

If you look at what’s available in Lotus models, you find Esprit (even the submarine version), Elan,Elan Coupe, Europa, Elise, Elite, Elise GT1, Seven, Cortina, Talbot Sunbeam, loads of single seater stuff and now they’re even doing the bloody SOAP BOX RACERS from the Goodwood downhill race.

I know somebody will make a proper Exige model one day. They’re just waiting for me to sell my car

Yes I know it annoys me to

The only half decent-ish model was the radio control one you could buy from the dealers but was a bit pricey and too big!

And whats the betting that somebody releases a proper model of the S2 Exige model before the S1

Good, I’m after an orange S2 model! Can I find one, can I f*ck…

Its just when I first got my lovely little S1 Elise I couldnt get a model anywhwere…

Then I get my Exige and loads of S2 Elise models came out and at the same time all of a sudden there were S1 Elise models too…

Why is there no Exige?

My guess is if anybody ever gets around to making a similar model of the S2 Exige then they will suddenly realise

Oooh theres an S1 too… Lets make that at the same time!

I asked at the Autosport show last year for a model of a Lotus Exige and the response from Grand Prix Legends was…

“A what”…“Dont you mean Elise”