Mk2 Scirocco

Well my youtube channel is terrible, but none the less I am going to post links for it here so people can watch my content and another money wasting bottomless pit of depression,


Introduction to me and the channel - YouTube

Part 1 front discs

My Scirocco Mk2 (Mk1 Golf) gets big brakes! - YouTube

Part 2 rear discs

My Scirocco Mk2 (Mk1 Golf) Gets Rear Discs! - YouTube

I shall watch with interest! :thumbup:

Probably more like laughter, apparently, I do not smile, don’t look at the camera and are successfully funny when I don’t mean to be. I think people are laughing at me :thumbup:

Sadly both my planned Lotus projects have not worked out for one reason or another, but I think I will do a suspension refresh on the Elise at the end of the year

:lolno: :lolno: :lolno:

Ill watch one at lunch

I’ve watched the front brake ‘upgrade’ one. Hilarious :laughing:

I hope you’re not meant to be serious ade?

Sadly yes, I will only become youtube famous for trying to be serious and people just laughing at me, not looking at the camera or talking to my audience LOL

Not bad ade, I’ve seen much worse in front of a camera on the internet.

Interesting projects too, that’ll help.

Please like and subscribe, you wait till you see the rear brakes coming on the Scirocco! The Mx5 will be fun as well :wink:

Will you be drilling as many holes in the ‘clamping force’ area of the rear disc bell ade?

Clamped by fresh air comes to mind :clap:

Maybe, but there is still enough meat left, to be honest this is never going to be driven fast or anywhere near a track!

The latest instalments of project money pit :wink:

Scirocco Mk2 - Golf Mk1 Rear Brakes Part 2 (go big or go home!) - YouTube

Scirocco Mk2 (Mk1 Golf) Rear Brakes Part 3, success or not? - YouTube

You are on the right site for money pits then @ade!

I am fairly sure my old Exige would come under that heading as well, over beer one day I’ll tell you how much I put into it!

There are a couple more episodes up, but work is going to have to take a back seat to prepare the MX5s for Anglesey :wink: