Mk2 Elise - 135 sport.

Hi, I’m considering buying an Elise 135 Sport. Does anyone know of a web site conataining info of the Elise 135 Sport e.g mpg it does, performance etc? Also,has anyone had any good or bad experiences with the 135? Does anyone know what would be a good price to pay for an Elise, S2 Sport 135, Sports Tourer, Dec 2001 reg with 8,000 miles? Any info would be really appreciated.

Well EVO Magazine listed the 135 Sport as “The best Elise Yet” - that was in Feb2002 but still stands as far as I’m aware.Manufacturers figures claim 0-60 in 5.4, and MPG for most Elises is about 38-40. As for prices to pay…Elises prices are inflated as its Summer, so unless your desperate, wait till Autumn or better yet Winter. For a price guide have a look at the “Cars For Sale” over at Pistonheads (

Thanks for the info.

I find 0-60mph @ 5.4 seconds a little optimistic considering only [image][/image] 189 bhp/ton A particular other car to mind with 333 bhp/ton dose it in 4.7 sec which is not much quicker is it [image][/image](Now) R333 NUT [image][/image]

I wouldn’t say that…BHP/ton - while a good guide - is only one of the many factors that influence 0-60. Grip, driven wheels, driver, tyres etc etc all play a part.But its all pointless anyway - anyone who buys an Elise for its 0-60 time its missing the point entirely…