Mk2 "cam cover" fitting

Hi, my name is Simon and I’m a new Exige owner. It seems the 5500 rpm “stutter” is quite common & I too have experienced this. New Magnecor leads & plugs are due to be fitted, but I am keen to ensure that water does not enter the spark plug “wells” due to rain/washing etc. I understand that the Mark 2 cam cover is designed to ensure water cannot penetrate through to the plugs - is this correct? Has anyone fitted one? If so, is it complicated. I would be very grateful for any advice/information anyone has. Many thanks, Simon.P.S. I have checked the wheel speed sensor which appears to be in order.

SimonIt is possible to it the MK2 cam cover - you have to make a few cutouts for the breather pipes etc but otherwise it should be a straight fit.Has your Exige had the “new” ECU fitted after the recall ??

Hi Miniman, many thanks for your reply.My car has had the ECU recall. Re the cover, I intend to ask my dealer to supply & fit. Should this be fairly straight forward for him?

Reckon Pesky’s car has had this mod, amongst others!! - thinking of having it fitted on the silver machine after recent monsoon weather caused a slight! problem [image][/image] on the M1…

Yep, mine & RussT’s cars both have the Elise MK2 cam cover (as originally recommended by Rob Gibbons). Cost of the part is about �12 - a genuine Lotus bargain!

B&C recently used black sealant along the edges of the plate that covers the plugs. Probably not as good as the S2 cover but I do get to show off the ‘Exige’ embossed plate.Ian [image][/image]

Hang on, Pesky. Don’t give all the credit to Rob Gibbons. The MKII cam cover was my idea first. The only difference is nobody listens to me [image][/image]Simon, it’s very easy to fit the cover if you have a hack saw and preferably a set of warding files.You need to cut an opening on the left hand side of the cover to allow the ignition leads through.You then need to open a new slot at the rear because the pipes exit the cam cover in a different place from the MKII.Finally, you will probably need to slightly enlarge the opening for the oil filler cap. (I’m not sure if this is necessary with the standard cap, but it is required if you have the aluminium version.)

Thanks for your reply Brendan.S2 cover now fitted (along with new leads + plugs)…Although intermitant,5500 rev limiter still cutting in!

Sorry to hear you still haven’t solved your problem.If you have the latest ECU, it will deliberately limit the revs if it registers a misfire. Can you drive through the stutter, or is it a definate limit?If you can drive through it, I would double check that the ECU was properly upgraded.If not, you need to look for another reason for a misfire. It might be worth getting your dealer to check for fault codes in the ECU.It might be worth cleaning the connection to the wheel speed sensor. Don’t forget it’s the one on the right hand rear wheel.

Brenden,I can’t drive thru the 5500rpm limiter…its totally consistant.I did take a look at the wheel speed sensor plug today,and the pins in the blue side of the plug did look a little corroded,so i did my best to clean them up.On the other side of the plug the contacts are almost totally inaccesable and i struggled to clean them as properly as i would have liked.Once reconnected,i went for a 20 min. drive and it didn’t misfire once!..coincidence?I really hope not because the whole scenario is starting to detract from the enjoyment of owning the car.When i get a chance,i’ll go for a longer drive and see if i can prevoke a misfire.If all looks good,i was thinking of asking an auto electrician or a lotus dealer if they could install a new wheel speed sensor plug,and ensure it was totally insulated from the elements from the outset.If this glimmer of light goes out,I guess the only thing left is the coil!?

BrendanI’ve been away for the weekend, & when I get back I’ve been rejected by! So, from now on, I’ll have to use the boss’s registration to post on the bbs [image][/image]Apologies for the mis-credit - I knew that you are a star really [image][/image]

Simon,Sounds like we might have cracked it? I hope so… good luck [image][/image]Pesky,You’re forgiven. But only because you gave me a lovely decal. Shame I’ll lose it if I get my motorsport engine cover [image][/image]