Mixed tyres Yoko 48 front 39 rear?


My S1 has Yoko 048 front and 039 on the rear. I know that the 048 are grippier, but is it that marked a difference. I’m tracking at Elvington on sunday and was wondering if I’m going to die, or just have a bit of a oversteer day (which is fine by me).

I had yoko 032 on the caterham, can these be used for the exige, or are they the wrong size. I found then to be very grippy when hot, but a bit tramliney on the road.

Elvington is notoriously harsh on tyres (in the dry anyway!), so go & enjoy yourself, learn something of the car’s handling, BUT be prepared to have to replace the tyres (especially front passenger side & both rears).

In search of new rubber yesterday I asked the same question but mixing manufacturers front and rear - I knew it was a daft question but like most it was driven by budget. Unsurprisingly I was told not to mix types on the road. I dont think It’ll matter at Elvington as from memory theres loads of concrete and it’s as rough as ars*holes !!! (my bro has raced his bike there a few times)
As Mr P says It’ll probably nearly goose the full set!

i would have thought the set up would be with 48’s on the back!! Anyone else tried this set up??

Well, I caned the tits off it on the way back from Croft today, and it seems to be fine, fairly neutral, but I’ll check it out on Sunday.