Missing YIP

I got in the car this morning and my YIP seems to have gone AWOL. I looked in every single pothole on the way to work (as this is his usual hiding place) and couldn’t find him anywhere?!?!

Can anybody help me???

I’ll keep an eye out for him. What colour is he?

Mine’s green.

Anybody got a girl one?!


[color:“red”] Mine is a very bright red colour. [/color]

or should I say WAS a very bright red colour.

Do you think he’s changed colour as a camoflage tactic???

My YIP’s new camo gear…


Ah, bless it

But I do worry about where that pic came from…

Yips normally hide when they see Nitrons coming!!!

They must feed off the leaked oil ouzing from the LSS. Once that is gone they can no longer survive.

I may have to notify the RSPCY


Dont worry Ive found him

Got in my car yesterday morning and suddenly had a monster YIP and he hasnt gone away!

Very Very Strange dont know how he got there,
Must have come out cuz of the cold weather

Aaargh, well done. Thanks for taking him under your wing. If you like you can keep him but be warned… if you have a female YIP they might make a terrible racket.

Dont worry he will be well cared for!

My other YIP only comes out in warm weather! Lets hope its not female…There might be babies on the way…