Missing parts from Lotus Service manual :(

I found the lotus service manual and its just great, but its missing some pages, I only got 197 of over 300 pages. It stop in the end of the Brake section…:frowning: I would realllly appreciate if I can get a new link with complete service manual for Lotus Elis. I got the Lotus Exige supplement:) , but i need the last part for the Lotus Elise sevice manual. …
I assume there is no service manual for Exige, only the elise service manual with the Exige supplement

Hey guys… dont forget me…pls let me know if u got a link or informaton about the manual

Try a search of the site, lots of people have missed those pages in the past.

You’re right, it’s only the supplemental pages for the Exige (and even then they’re not always accurate, things changed during the builds).


Check the bottom of this page :
I hope (suspect) this is exactly what you’re after

Good luck,