Missing IACV vent hole in backplate

While trying to install the idle air control valve and the hoses I bought from Keith I realized that the backplate on my car has no vent hole to attach the hose to (see the pictures below).
It looks like the hole has been closed with a soldered plate by Pipercross right from the beginning and it was never open. The two holes in the throttle bodies underside were closed too with hex screws.

Could it be that some cars have been delivered with the 190hp kit installed at the factory?



Klaus, I think blocking the throttle body holes with hex bolts is normal practise if the Iacv is removed, it was like that on a spare set of throttle bodies I had.

The backing plate in your pictures does not look the one on my car. Mine is bright blue and has two holes, one for the Iacv and another for the crankcase breather pipe. I think in both cases it is just a hole and a rubber o-ring to stop the hose gettting cut. Looks like you need to get your drill out.


The second hole for the crankcase vent is present but within the carbon backbox and not in the backplate. Everything is just like it is shown in the Lotus parts diagram:

Sure it will be no problem to drill the hole but I am just curious why it was never open.
My car started its life at the Mallory Park race track so it might have been ordered with 190hp package installed by the factory.


Klaus, could be. Mine had the 190 pack from new and has the Iacv. I know the 190 deleted the resonators in the picture and some people removed the Iacv, I am not sure why they wanted to do that.


there was an original unmodified pipercross blue back plate on SELOC classifieds in the last few weeks. Not sure if it’s still there, but worth a thought if you going for originality. :slight_smile:

The backplate on my looks like an original one. At least it has the matching part number stamped on it.
I don’t think it has ever been removed from the car. Do you think an original backplate needs to be blue coloured?

I searched the classifieds at seloc but the ad seems to be gone.

I expect it was a variant from Lotus, whatever they had in the parts bin.

See this from Jonny OCD. Notice the blue pipes as well.


I would drill the hole and get on with a unique black backing plate.


Thanks for the link to Jonny’s picture, more interesting details there. I will either drill the hole or try to remove the small soldered on closing plate.
Shouldn’t be a big deal.


You could just get a nice ITG on it, they come with a new back plate.