Misfiring Elise during very wet weather?

Hi, I have noticed a couple of times since I bought my 1999 Elise in March, that on exceptionally rainy days, the car occassionally hesitates and misfires under acceleration. This usually clears itself after about 20 mins into the journey.This leads me to believe that there is water getting somewhere it shouldn’t, and that when parts heat up this evaporates and the problem goes away. My money is on water in the distributor cap.Has anyone else experienced this? I’m wondering if there is an additonal distributor cap cover available to give a bit more water protection (I appreciate that it probably cannot be totally 100% waterproof!). My old 205 GTi used to have something like this fitted.Thanks,Bri. [This message has been edited by bristewart (edited 05 December 2002).]

My money would be on water going down the plugs[This message has been edited by RussT (edited 04 December 2002).]

I got this today again.water goes down the sparkplug route,unplug the plugs (ahem) and blow air in the holes should do it.

Buy a cam cover from a Mk2 Elise which fits after a bit of cutting about with a small hacksaw, and this totally eliminates the problem. Costs about �12

Seconded! Thanks again for that tip Rob.