misc Exige / VHPD parts

Since the demise of my Exige VHPD, I have some bits for sale as I have gone to honda power. every thing has 27,000 miles on it except the exhaust which I dont think has but cant confirm (no receipt)

Exige/Elise Close ratio gearbox �450
Exige VHPD Carbon Airbox with ducting/filter �200
Exige VHPD Lotus 190bhp ECU and 110deg Pulley �200
VHPD bottom end �300
VHPD Exige exhaust manifold �75
Exige Janspeed sports exhaust(oval pipe) �100
VHPD head…Damaged, offers taken…see note…
VHPD Exige throttle bodies…�200

The head has had the inlet valves bent on two cylinders. cost to repair all inlet valves has been quoted at �350-400. soooo offers taken…realistic ones please… VHPD cams will be included…

HEAD and BLOCK sold now…

What?.. nobody interested in a Carbon airbox for the K-series?..very bling

There’s a cheap 190 upgrade there if somebody wants it.


Everything is now sold EXCEPT:

Carbon airbox BLINGBLING �200

Exhaust Manifold (standard issue non-bling version) �offers


I still have:

190bhp Lotus Ecu and pulley �150

Carbon Airbox and ducting �200

…and a reg plate for sale that means nothing…offers?

this won’t work on my standard elise

Carsten you have pm


Are the TB still available?

All bits sold!!