Mintex 1144

Probably the wrong place, but wanted to get Pesky & Miniman’s attn.You both run Mintex 1144, I have standard pads which feel at low speed like I have a piece of old oak stuck between the caliper instead of pads. Have driven before with no servo, but these feel like you really need to stand on them to stop. Don’t get me wrong, I can stop from 80-100mph much faster than most things on the road, but feel this is probably as much to do with light weight, low unsrung weight and sticky tyres.How do you both rate 1144’s? and where do you buy them? (Eliseparts �100 f+r set)- anywhere else?Pagids seem v. expensive and whilst I appreciate they are probably v.good, If Mintex are better than standard, that’ll do for now. I have heard of Mintex / Ferodo etc. (Miniman - remember Ds11’s?)Thanks Guys,Phil GT

PhilEven at low speeds, the 1144s & Pagids work fine. Although both can squeal a bit, it’s something you soon get used to [image][/image]Since changing from the standards to a set up with braided hoses, 1144s & SRF fluid, I’ve not experienced any brake fade or spongy pedal. After 24K miles & “a few” trackdays, the front discs were well worn, so I’ve also recently fitted the Eliseparts ali belled discs.Hope this helps [image][/image]I managed to buy mine via “a friend of a friend”, but I believe that Performance Brakes tel: 01600 713117 sell both Mintex & Pagids.

PhilI didnt go with Mintex I fitted RS14’s all round - simply becuase Eliseparts didn’t have any and had just had new RS14’s into stock ( well …)I used 1144 compound on my last Mini, which was a strict hillclimb/sprint machine with 6 pot KAD calipers and there you need stopping power “out of the box” - I never had issues apart from a relative hard pedal, but with good "feel"To be honest either of those compounds seems to work well after one or two applications ( when they start squealing), I suspect that the RS14 works better for longer though as I found the 1144 to heat up the discs on the min, even though they were vented ( nice blue ring around them …) To be honest I get paranoid now when they dont squeal - becuase then they are not at the right temp ( in my experience anyway …)And yes I used to road rally a mini on “S” brakes and DS11 pads without a servo - and that was very very scary and you needed alot of push - The RS14’s are in a different class - great feel and thats the biggest benefit, you can push and push and “feel” the point of lock up, similar to the 1144. With DS11 you either had no brakes or locked up !!Like Pesky advised me [image][/image], make the change quick - it will dramatic improve the Exige !!

Phil, I have a new set of rear 1144’s you can have cheap, if required.

quote:Originally posted by Pesky:…I’ve also recently fitted the Eliseparts ali belled discs.What do you reckon? Feel much different? Wearing any better?I know the alu disk can be replaced without swapping the bell, making it cheaper, but do you know if can this can be done more simply too, by just unbolting the old one and putting in a new one without having to realign it?Ta, Ian [image][/image]

quote:Originally posted by RussT:Phil, I have a new set of rear 1144’s you can have cheap, if required.Let me know how much you want for the rears - What happened with the fronts?Phil GTp.s. Thanks Pesky and Miniman for your comments - appreciated.

" If Mintex are better than standard, that’ll do for now."Phil, I swapped from standard to 1144 and the difference is huge, I appreciate that Pagid is probably even better but if at the moment you are just looking for a big improvement you will not be disapointed.

Phil - I had them as spares for SWMBO’s Elise, and as she is getting rid, they are now available.

"and as she is getting rid"Sorry to hear that Russ, never mind plenty more fish in the sea [image][/image] [image][/image]

Steve, if you met my missus, you would hope that, for my sake, she would - unfortunately it is the Elsie that is going. [image][/image]

quote:Originally posted by IDG: What do you reckon? Feel much different? Wearing any better?IanI’ve only done about 50 slow road miles since fitting new 1144s & the discs, so can’t really comment on feel or wear! Russ has been running with the discs & Pagids for some time now - he seems well pleased with the setup [image][/image]However, the new discs do look the “dogs” [image][/image]