My Exige has often been referred to as the Mini Mclaren-the F1 of course.I think that really says it all!!

My brother saw my Exige for the first time last weekend and reckons it looks like a Pagani Zonda (his boss has one!). Apparently Lazer Blue is very simialar to the Blue on the Zonda. Oh and he said it sounds like the Zonda too

I’m always making that same mistake, I go into my garage to take the F1 for a drive and end up in the Exige

Phil, erm…can I take the F1 for a drive then
hope everything is cool…have been busy moving house…
gona mail you 'cause I’ve got some questiones regarding the Jenvey’s…
shout goes out to Trudy and the rest of the gang

Hiya Bruno

no worries mate you can drive the F1 anytime let me know how long you want it for

hope the move went ok for you and regards to rene