Mine,...all mine

Well I picked up yesterday and it is pretty much all I hoped it would be. Some questions arise already:

  • I have to keep the car on the drive,…alas no garage. Can you guys reccomend a decent waterproof cover?
  • This morning is the one and only time I plan to drive it to work (the LupoGTi arrives tomorrow) plus everyone at work wanted to see it. After the rain the car was obviously wet and traffic was hideous. Noticed quite a bit of steam coming from the rad !!! Pulled over and just looked like rainwater evaporating from the rad as the engine got up to temperature,…is this correct,…twas a little unnerving (engine temp was normal)! It stopped doing it after a couple of miles…
  • I thought the Breadvan MCoupe created quite a stir with other roadusers/pedestrians but it is nothing compared to the Exige .
  • Is it possible to remove this permanent inane grin I seem to be wearing??

Well that is it for now, won’t get to drive it much til the w/e…


Benja, to put your mind at rest the cause of the steam is as you assumed and perfectly normal.
Cannot help on the cover but sure somebody on here will be able to.
Only way to get rid of the grin is to leave the Exige at home…

make sure you also have decent plugleads fitted so as not to leak any water down the plug holes as the rain will go straight in the engine bay through the air vent.Ive only had mine about a month and loving every minute, I’m sure you will to.

Watch out also when getting up to speed on a dry day after you have washed the car - you will get ‘rain’ blowing on to the screen from the radiator - most unnerving the first few times!!

I got a dust cover made by www.carcoversuk.com fits like a glove, they do an outdoor version and were pretty reasonable for price.

As for the insane grin, this will probably get worse and occur at the most unexpected times.


Yep, I’m with Kerry. Specialised Car Covers waterproof & breadable cover - HugeDomains.com

I have no garage and mine lives happily under here. About �200 but worth it.


Cheers chaps. Cover is now on order from carcoversuk…

Just reread your replies…so I take it that the steam is normal…seriously freaked me out this morning.

Yep the steam is normal, Mine was doing it this morning too. And my Elise used to.

Your right they certainly attract some attention when you use them on a daily basis.
They are a bit of a pig in traffic but HEY can you think of a better way to drive to work in a morning with such a big grin on your face

It’s not being a pig…
It’s character

PS - Welcome!


The steam out of the rad is normal, as everyone else has already told you.

The only way to remove the grin is to sell the exige, even knowing its on yer drive will have that big sucker smile stuck on yer dish all day.