Min disc thickness

Does anyone know the min disc thickness for the front and rear brakes???

Std disks = 24.9mm (they’re 26mm new apparently)

2.5mm minimum of usable material for the pads (although it’s blooming hard to see round to the back one and they don’t always wear evenly, so just change those when the pedal is spongy or they don’t work).


Cheers for that I think i’ll be ok for a few more miles. Not sure which disc’s i’m runing but the pads are Pagid RS14 and i’ve just replace the Castorl SRF. Ran at Bedford for a whole day and couldn’t of asked for better performance. Why do people upgrade?

As a rule of thumb, any more than 5% wear on a disk is not acceptable. Consider 2mm to be the minimum thickness for the pad before you run the risk of the substrate breaking up.


Thanks Dave.