Driving home from work on Friday afternoon I noticed the revs seemed to be behaving a bit odd. Tickover was up about 200 revs, and when lifting off the throttle to change gear the revs were much slower to back off. Just lifting off the throttle to use engine braking resulted in virtually no reduction in speed at all. Other than that everything seemed ok and I began to wonder if it was me.

Driving to work yesterday morning at about 6am (cool and fresh morning) the problem had disappeared and I really did begin to wonder if I’d imagined the whole thing.

But then driving home yesterday afternoon the problem was back, and half way home the MIL came on.

I suspect the problem is similar to one I had on my VXR caused by air mass meter failure. That affected all VXRs (I went through 5 or 6 AMMs in 2 years) and any VX turbos with modded induction, and was caused by the AMM being made of chocolate. The symptoms there were slightly different though. Initial failure caused the engine to stall, but would then re-start and run normally but with the MIL on (the ECU reconfigured itself to ignore the failed AMM). If it is a similar problem the Exige ECU doesn’t act in the same way.

So it’s off to the local dealer on Tuesday, but in the meantime does anyone here have experience of this? I’ve tried a search but nothing came up, and I don’t remember any mention of this in the time I’ve been a member here.

Couldn’t be worse timing as I’m booked for Silverstone GP on Tuesday so that’s out the window now.

Forgot to mention it’s an Exige S with no mods and about 22K on the clock.

Had a similar problem to this a few months back. Initialy the software was reloaded/refreshed until it happened again. The TPS was diagnosed to be at fault which was duely replaced. Soon after less than a week) same thing happened again and a whole new throttle body was installed along with a software update (according to Lotus).
Wednesday just gone the same sort of thing happened again whereby the revs didn’t register when at idle and standstill. The tell tale light also came on at 7k. Pulled over switched the car off and started again. problem cleared.
Is going in tommorrow so will keep you posted.

Thanks for that. Looks like my initial thoughts about the problem were wrong.

B&C are my nearest dealership. I’ll phone them tomorrow to book it in.

there’s every chance they could fit you in for Monday if you tell them about Tuesday… who know its may be very simple problem

Unfortunately I have to be at work tomorrow. There’s no way I can get away before about 3pm and by the time I get home, collect the car and get to B&C they’ll be closing.

Was a good thought though.

Graham at Plans was very helpful on Monday and said if I could leave the keys somewhere they’d collect and take the car to B&C for me to see if it could be fixed in time for Tuesday. Unfortunately events conspired to make this impossible.

So the car went to B&C Tuesday morning on a flatbed (at their request). The car was delivered back yesterday. The problem apparently was that I was missing two software updates, one of which related specifically to this problem. I’d missed out on the updates as the servicing is done by Plans and not a Lotus dealership.

I can’t say I’m 100% convinced that’s the end of it, but time will of course tell.

In the meantime Goldtrack have also been great and have allowed me a credit against another day at Silverstone