So how common is the MIL coming on with S2’s ?

My S2 Exige had the light come on after being stuck in crawling traffic for 2 hours (when the M25 was shut a couple of weeks ago). Manual says it’s probaly just an emissions thing but I’ve since taken it out for a couple of quick spins and the light is still showing - trying to get it booked into a dealer before xmas for a check over.

Seems like it’s quite a common happening though ?

A quick fix to reset it is to stop start the engine 6 times. If it persists then take it in. Seems to be a known problem, one of the guys from Lotus who was up at the dealers when mine went in the second time upgraded the ECU and altered the throttle bodies. No problems now. I’m led to belive it’s some kind of oxygen sensor tying itself in knots and the reset clears the memory out. First time it went in the dealer just reset it and of course it was back on by the time I got home.

MIL light Eliminator…

Happened to mine 70 miles after collecting it -it was having a bit of a disagreement with the stage 2 exhaust. Reset by dealer no problems since. Incidentally I was in traffic for 5hrs due to the same M25 smash and it never missed a beat or got anywhere close to overheating.

thanks chaps - I’m going to try and find time to book it in for a checkup today - is there still no central London Lotus dealer/service agent ? I’m probably equidistant to Wilsons and Bell+Colville but neither is a fun journey on a schoolday.