MIL illumination

MIL lamp lit up last week, continuous (vs flashing), but has now extinguished itself… car is with B&C for the week for some minor things so have asked them to download the data and see what triggered it. Car ran fine, even on 2nd cam. Any thoughts as to what it could be? is it normal for the lamp to reset itself so quickly?

Mine did that once when it was new.

did you ever find what the cause was?

b&c report error code was “mixture too lean” and looks like it was a one off, hence why the light reset itself

I have seen a few cars fail MOT’s with too lean a mixture, because the exhaust was blowing from the various joints along its length and air was actually being pulled into the exhaust through these gaps, therefore leaning the mixture by the time it gets to the back end. I couldn’t get my head round it at first, but sealing up the joints did the trick.